I have recently rediscovered a love of cooking, as well as the desire to incorporate this and my best hobby – photography more heavily into my life. As a single (I got married recently!!) working mother with a tendency to fly by the seat of my pants, this is a bit of a challenge; one I am eager to meet full-on and with GUSTO! It’s all about balance… a focus on healthy and primarily whole food with some random thoughts sprinkled in here and there. Looking forward to trying a bunch of new things, getting good photos of them, and being super healthy in the meantime. If you’ve got some recipes for me to try and are willing to let me photograph and post them, please send them my way!

Almost a year ago I discovered this amazing site: www.nutrimirror.com. I use it daily to log everything that goes into my mouth…well, almost everything, and it helps me keep track of how nutritionally balanced my meals are on a regular basis, which is excellent for someone like me who just can’t keep all this stuff in my head. Whether you are looking to lose weight or just be more healthy, I recommend this site to one and all.

*All photos on this blog are the creative property of blogger – if you would like permission to use any of them please contact me @ susaneorrell@gmail.com

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  1. Maria

    Also, to be fair, Jared is really the spice man on this. He actually makes our curry, and if you ever try his mushroom saag you may just want us to move down the street…!!!

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