All the cool kids…

I am so not cool. Tonight while I was cooking her dinner, cleaning the dishes and rinsing some quinoa so I could put up a big batch to have in the fridge, my daughter looked up at me and asked if I knew any songs by the Plain White Tees.

Huh? “Well…no. That a band?” As the words left my lips I felt the slightest shift in the atmosphere that made my skin crawl for a second.

“Yeah…” she didn’t actually roll her eyes, but I could sense a burning desire in her to do just that – there was definitely some serious inner-eye-rolling going on. She didn’t even want to bother filling me in on what their songs might be. Ugh. For a second I was dizzy as my mind raced back to scenes of my much younger self eyeing my own mother with that same look – and I remembered well how I viewed her. TOTAL SQUARE. (sorry mom)

So that’s where I am now…oh well…we grow older and we all change places – just as it should be.

These cool kids right before their “Addicted to Love” spoof in Student Follies…


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4 responses to “All the cool kids…

  1. Wes

    So did you check out some of their songs as soon as she wasn’t looking?

  2. Carrieredhead

    I don’t listen to the current radio stations very much nowadays (Sirius Radio), but when Thomas was a bit younger I was pimpin’ it old school with the am/fm. The song, “Hey There Dalilah” was a hit. I actually like it, catchy tune. I think Thomas is heading down the road of being a Romantic and he loved it! It was *his* song and he’d sing along. It was so cute. I embarrass him all the time and he’s only 5. Oh the fun I will be having when the ‘tween stage comes! I don’t feel too bad, because he needs to learn humility somewhere. šŸ˜‰ I remember being dropped off in front of Roller King in a hooptie. Seriously, Google the car Maverick. If there is a picture, imagine the color as booger green, with a rusted roof, loud muffler and backfire. The torch has now been passed. I have a responsibility to deliver the goods. I figure it’s payback for all the eye rolling I’m already getting (3 and 5 year olds!!!). šŸ˜‰

    Good luck! Hopefully we make it out alive!

    • Sweet! I googled it and totally remember those! Okay, you are MUCH cooler than me…you knew a T’s song!! I just checked that out too…not bad though. That is so cute…he’s a doll! I can’t dance at all, but I love to overdance – awful moves (think Elaine on Seinfeld) with painful-to-watch facial expressions to go along with it, and I love to stand behind her friends while she’s looking at me and start to break into it…her expression is priceless. The kids in carpool think I’m weird cause I act goofy…she hates that, but hopefully when she grows up she will remember it fondly.

      We will…right? You still have a ways to go…enjoy every second! And I still enjoy lots…the good stuff makes up for the growing pains, for sure. šŸ˜‰

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